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Business Education Foundation 2017 Mini-Grants

Sarah Brown a technology teacher from Chippens Hill submitted a grant to update the LEGO robotics kits at Chippens Hill as replacement parts and batteries for the old kits were no longer available. The Foundation Board was made aware that there was a significant discount in purchasing the kits in bulk. So they allocated $6,300 to purchase 30 kits to be shared with all the middle schools. $1,000 was used to purchase t-shirts, supplies, awards and refreshments for the robotics competition.

Breaking Down Barriers – To create a classroom library with fiction and non-fiction literature dealing with mental illness to break down barriers so students can better understand mental health issues and decrease the stigma associated with it.
Creighton Paquette-Claman | Bristol Eastern High School

Building Unity Interactive Installment – Create an outdoor sculpture that promotes the human connection, an appreciation for diversity and the realization we all have something in common. The sculpture helps celebrate our uniqueness, strengthens are ties to each other and promotes cultural competence and acceptance.
Bridget Gohla ACCESS Program

Cultivating STEM at Northeast Middle School – Convert an unused, neglected courtyard into a vibrant learning space by building raised beds, planting a garden, providing seating and creating a Zen garden for use by teachers to conduct lessons and students to study.
Vince Jenetta and David Luchina, Northeast Middle School

Digging in the Dirt – Master Gardeners Dr.& Mrs. Bartles will teach a class in horticulture, design and help the 5th grade students refurbish the butterfly garden to beautify the school grounds, support the science curriculum and create a habitat for the butterflies the primary grades raise.
Christine Fanelli and Chelsea Konyndyk, Hubbell Elementary School

Digital Boards – Purchase 2 LED monitors for the English hallway to display students’ Google work and what assignments, novels and units teachers are working on to increase and spark communication/collaboration between students teachers and departments.
Jennifer Plourde, Bristol Central High School

Every Minute Counts! – A pilot program to provide students who are chronically late or absent with an alarm clock or watch to improve their attendance/tardiness. Students will be given an incentive for improvement.
Kristine DeLeo | West Bristol School

Expanding Horizons – Purchase books written by authors outside the U.S. for freshman to read to widen their world view, give them a perspective outside the U.S. and explore situations like illegal immigration, war, revolutions and cultural injustice teens in other nations experience.
Elizabeth Burdelski | Bristol Eastern High School

Focus and Stand-to Learn – Purchase standing desks for special education classrooms to see if they increase student engagement and focus that current research supports.
Barbara McLean, Hubbell Elementary School

Good Morning Gators – To purchase the technical equipment and camera needed for middle school students to create daily newscasts that will be broadcast important school news to the entire school. Middle school students will learn technological and leadership skills.
Adam Sample | Greene-Hills School

Hubbell Hound Builders – Provide each grade level (K-5) with LEGO building sets to be used during indoor recess time. LEGOs instill creativity, build confidence and allow self-expression. They are a STEM activity that supports counting, patterning and problem solving.
Lisa Ayotte | Hubbell Elementary School

Improving Students Social, Emotional and Behavioral Functioning – This grant will purchase social-emotional and behavioral programs/curriculums, such as “Impulse Control for Elementary Students,” that target specific skill deficits, help children overcome their challenges and become productive learners and future citizens.
Marissa Graziano | Hubbell Elementary School

Living the Comic Life: Purchase subscriptions to Comic Life 3 Education Software so students can take the information presented in a unit and create a visual presentation/graphic novels through storytelling and storyboarding. This activity develops creativity and higher level thought processes.
Maggie DeVito

Math Literature for Grade 1 – To purchase math texts to support 1st grade math by including literature as a means to teach math. Math literature is a great motivator and makes math more meaningful as students see can see other applications of the concepts.
Stacey Clingan & Sara Kulig | Greene-Hills Schools

Move and Focus – Alternative seating for classrooms such as standing desks and yoga balls is shown to help students refocus on a task, engage in learning, get out their energy and strengthen core muscles. Incorporating exercise into the classroom makes students less fidgety and more focused on learning.
Holly Caruso-Pugliese | South Side School

One Book, One Team – The grant will purchase enough copies of the book, Fever 1793 for the whole team to read. The shared reading will provide discussion opportunities on various topics in the book, increase critical thinking and show how history and science are related. The goal is to motivate students to read outside of school.
Katie Mercieri, Jake Madden, Paul Ryskowski & Michelle Cantin | Chippens Hill Middle School

Pawsome Activities for Pawsome Behavior – Purchase educational games, puzzles and activities that will serve as rewards for the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS ) program. The incentives will be used in all classrooms as earned rewards for good behavior or academic achievement.
Lisa Ayotte, Hubbell Elementary School

Read It! Hear It Say It! – This grant will purchase audio books for the world language department to help students comprehend language usage, difficult vocabulary, pronunciation, decoding and grammar structure. These skills are directly related to the curriculum.
Gina Gallo Reinhard, Bristol Central High School

STEM and Story Writing Buddies – Third grade and Kindergarten students will work together to create and publish fairy tales with the help of LEGO story building kits. The stories will be made into books for the children to illustrate and take home. Students will become better readers, writers and story tellers.
Marcy Deschaine & Jennifer McCaffrey | Mountain View School

Skills for Social and Academic Success – Upgrade the Second Step social skills program curriculum to help students develop the skills associated with self-regulation, that allow children to focus their attention on learning when they are distracted, upset or having difficulty following school rules. The mastery of these skills underlie the learning potential of every student.
Kristen Cicchetti and Sarah Morehouse | Greene Hills School

The Breakfast Club – Many students read significantly below grade level. This grant will be used to purchase high school themed texts at lower reading levels to engage and motivate students to read. The club will be before school adding reading time to the day in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere with snacks.
Paul Phillipon & Katie Roberts | Bristol Eastern High School

The Gator Gallery – Create an art gallery with permanent pedestals and frames where student work of multiple forms can be displayed. Students submit their work which will be displayed for one month to a panel for selection. Students will have to write a description of their work for the display.
Joe Johnson and Jennifer Chase | Greene-Hills School

Unified Sports – Grant funds will be used to purchase tee shirt uniforms for the new Edgewood Unified Sports team which competes with elementary other schools in the districts.
Michelle Gugliotti | Edgewood Elementary School

West Bristol Community Garden – Upgrade and plant the six raised beds at West Bristol with a variety of crops to promote teamwork and cooperative learning and healthy eating as well as support the science curriculum. Extra crops will be given to community groups.
Cindy Ahern | West Bristol School