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Bristol Public Schools Mini-Grants

Mini-Grants are a way for educators to supplement activities and methods they wish to put into practice in their classrooms. Through an application process teachers or teams of teachers submit proposals, which can be no greater than $2,000, for review by the grants committee. Each year approximately $15,000 is awarded to programs that meet the selection criteria. The committee base their selections on the following:

  • Innovation
  • Impact on Student Achievement
  • Technology
  • Educational Merit
  • Sustainability
  • Programs that improve student mastery of targeted content areas: reading, writing, science, math, and physical fitness
  • Collaboration with Arts and Culture

At the end of the grant cycle, those selected complete evaluations that are submitted to the Business Education Foundation (BEF) for review.

Since 1991, the BEF has awarded over $400,000* to make educators’ innovative visions and educational desires become a reality. * as of 12/11/2018

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This grant allows for the purchase of a Breakout EDU kit, a puzzle box learning system, to be used by students taking Spanish language classes. This puzzle box simulates an immersion environment in which students need to depend on their language skills to problem solve in a timely manner before they are able to move to the next challenge. Ashley Ingvertsen | Bristol Eastern

This grant allows for Special Education Seniors to be leaders in a small business model where the students will have to budget, purchase and construct heavy duty exercise hula hoops. As part of their project, students will invite school employees to participate in an exercise class, with the option to purchase a hoop. This will increase the sense of community, interconnectedness and morale. Bridget Gohla | ACCESS

This grant allows for “Calm Down” Kits to be purchased to integrate calming strategies into the classroom. These kits have supplies and resources that incorporate evidence based mindfulness practices to strengthen classroom management. Students will select a silent activity that helps calms them down to regain their focus. Linda Rich | Family Resource Center

This grant improves the current Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports (PBIS) currently in place. The main goal is to help each child develop self-discipline to make good choices while recognizing positive contributions to their school. The program extends the acknowledgements that occur during the school day to after-school activities that include parental engagement and foster relationships with families and the community. Joseph Capitani & Alyson Silva | Chippens Hill

This program, in its second year, is an experiential learning program with SBF Animal Rescue, that provides students receiving special education services the opportunity to connect with animals to foster social and emotional growth as it relates to interaction with others and build self-esteem. Students will participate in a series of classroom sessions designed to foster connections, resiliency and empower students.
Kathryn Krawiec & Lauren Humphrey | Chippens Hill

This grant allows for the purchase of two indoor hydroponic gardening kits the Special Education Seniors will grow and cultivate. The gardens serve as a point of interest to spark open discussions with fellow students and adults. Positive reinforcement of soft skills and casual conversations prepares students as they transition to post-secondary education or the work world. Bridget Gohla | ACCESS

This grant allows for a flexible and active student desks pilot program. These desks will help students who struggle to sit still for extended periods of time and may cause a distraction to other students.   Janice Rustico | Northeast

This grant is a school community initiative with the library, literacy and the classrooms to support a Maker culture. Eighth grade students will read The Seventh Most Important Thing and have to complete projects and challenges based on the book. 8th Grade Gator Ambassadors will then facilitate a similar project with a designated class, in each grade, using the picture book, Made by Maxine, to create different Maker projects. Kristine Woods | Greene-Hills

This grant allows for the purchase of Sphero SPRK+ balls. These balls provide students a hands-on experience with coding, as well as, being able to experience collaboration using coding with fellow classmates. The balls will be coded to navigate an obstacle course and find the best approach to solving a problem.  Shawn Carmody | Greene-Hills

This grant allows for a Makerspace to be added to a special education classroom to assist students in collaborating, decision making, problem solving and social awareness. The Makerspace will improve students’ social emotional learning through collaborative STEM challenges. James Deschaine | Chippens Hill

This grant allows for before-school problem solving activities to be purchased. These activities engage students prior to the start of school and build collaboration, creative thinking, movement and problem solving skills. These activities can also be utilized during inside recess. Marcy Deschaine | Mt. View

This grant allows for the purchase DaVinci art models to replicate masterpieces of the Renaissance. This year will bridge the gap between arts and science and will incorporate STEM skills into art and language units. The end result will be a gallery of student projects open to the school and the community.
Gina Gallo | Bristol Central
*Jim Rogers Memorial Fund Mini-Grant Winner

This grant allows for the Hubbell Hounds to continue their mission of promoting students’ confidence, pride and respect by sharing their personal stories with one another. Students’ stories will be displayed on the “Read All About It” bulletin board visible to all students, staff, and guardians to help strengthen and build a positive school environment. Lisa Ayotte | Hubbell

This grant allows for the enhancement of the current courtyard space. Improved seating and plants create an atmosphere where students can go outside to read and learn. The space can additionally be used as an outdoor education classroom to teach about the growing process of plants and be incorporate Next Generation Science skills. Marcy Deschaine | Mt. View

This grant allows for an under-utilized occupational room to be transformed into a safe, calming atmosphere to enhance the teaching of social emotional skills during small group work, with K-8 children who have been identifies as needing support.  Sandra Godin | Greene-Hills

This grant will help students develop as social and emotional learners by teaching students skills that will help them build positive relationships with their peers and have a positive impact on the overall school climate. Students develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve school and life success by identifying characteristics about oneself through the project and then photographing those compliments/qualities.
Terry Grant | Greene-Hills

This grant allows the THINK First program, which discusses traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, to be presented to Anatomy and Physiology students during nervous system unit. The program also incorporates the effects of impaired driving on the central nervous system which beneficial to the health curriculum.
Nicole Shook | Bristol Central

This grant allows for a student led social and emotional learning program to help counter the root causes of rejection, exclusion and isolation by increasing empathy and compassion within peer-groups. Kristen Cicchetti | Greene-Hills

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