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Business Education Foundation 2016 Mini-Grants

A Space Odessey, 2016 – This grant will support the creation of an Art Show in the BCHS library. The artwork will be used to inspire students to engage in creative writing as well as create the backdrop for such activities as poetry, debates, and music jams.
Gale Dickau and Paul Pinette| Bristol Central High School

Advancing Student Success by Reducing Chronic Absenteeism – This grant will be used to purchase school and community-wide signage and student incentives and host city-wide family discussions on the importance of school attendance to decrease the absent rate.
Jeanine Audette | Board of Education

Algebra 1 & 2 Interactive Notebooks – This grant supports the purchase of materials for students to create detailed notebooks that include important information from the text and class notes to practice problem solving, note taking and then use this information to study for assessments.
Michelle Burns, Bristol Eastern High School

Chippens Hill Garden– Through this grant the 7th grade will purchase a Growtop indoor garden and the other materials they need to start plants indoors to study their growth. The plants will then be transplanted in their raised beds in the spring.
Elizabeth Porter | Chippens Hill Middle School

Creators Over Consumers – This grant supports the purchase of technology so students can read and comprehend information and then create podcasts to share their knowledge and thinking with their peers. This allows students to be content produces instead of content consumers.
Keagan Radziwan | Bristol Eastern High School

Earworm – This grant supports the purchase of technology to create listening stations for world language classrooms to use music as a catalyst for the memorization of words, increase vocabulary and develop term memory.
Gina Gallo-Reinhard | Bristol Central High School

Greene-Hills Business Leaders of Tomorrow – Greene Hills students will learn how to own and operate their own business through creation of a school store. Students will fill out a job application, meet with clients and create, market and sell a product.
Terry Grant | Greene-Hills School

Greene Hills G-Men – The G-men is a group of middle school boys chosen at Greene-Hills for their leadership and values. The group’s mission is to develop strong character traits and facilitate activities that help their school and community, such as fundraisers, the school beautification project and Friendship Day.
Tim Hokanson | Greene-Hills School

Hubbell Hounds are Pawsome” Readers – Hubbell adopted a new mascot the “Hubbell Hound”. This grant provides funds for books about dogs students can read and share. Students will complete a short summery (on a paw print) of each book they read which will be displayed on a school bulletin board.
Lisa Ayotte | Hubbell School

I Can Hear You Load and Clear at Stafford School – The grant purchases a new sound system for Stafford School to provide adequate amplification for school concerts, assemblies, guest speakers and student work showcases to enhance each activity.
Tracy Youngberg & Joy Cannata, Stafford School

Increasing Student Engagement Using PearDeck – PearDeck is an online tool that allows teachers to informally assess students’ understanding of concepts by having them engage with an interactive presentation through the device. Through PearDeck teachers can ensure each student participates and tailor instruction to meet the needs of the class.
Carolyn Kielma | Bristol Eastern High School

Maker Mondays – The Bristol Eastern library will become a “Makerspace” where students come together to share resources to create a variety of projects from computer programming to sewing. Students can try new things, learn to problem solve and interact with each other.
Janet Kenney | Bristol Eastern High School

Pre-AP Academy – The Academy will target freshman who do not envision themselves as potential AP students prior to their high school course selection process. Through presentations and classroom experiences students will be inspired to begin their college career in high school to start them on a path toward college success.
Carly Fortin | Bristol Eastern High School

Podcast Party – The goal of this program is to increase student performance and engagement through the writing process. Students will be invested in their writing by taking ownership of content by personalizing their narratives through the creation of podcasts. Students who are anxious can gain confidence by sharing their work without having to get in front of an audience.
Jennifer Plourde | Bristol Central High School

Que pasa el en mundo? – Students will be introduced to culture and current events in the Spanish speaking world through Spanish Scholastic magazines that enrich their curriculum. Students will complete a comprehension assessment, write a reflection on the article and participate in a discussion on the content. Ashley Ingvertsen | Bristol Eastern High School

Supporting and Increasing Reading Through Raz Kids – Targeted students will be able to use the website Raz Kids at school and at home to select and read a fiction or nonfiction ebook, listen to highlighted texts at their independent level to increase their comprehension and fluency.
Betsy Curto | Mountain View School

Tech Buddies – Fifth grade students will be using Google Chromebooks to interact via shared Google Documents and face time capabilities with scientific presentations, documents and video lessons created by eighth grade students. Students will also collaborate to created shared projects.
Stacey Pratt | Mountain View School

Yoga Balls for Improved Concentration – Recent studies have showed the positive impact balance balls can have on student concentration, quality of work and focus. Fourth grade and resource room students will use the balls to increase attention on learning by engaging core muscles to stay focused. Erin Daly, Hubbell Elementary School Yoga Club – The goal is to reduce the stress level of the school population through a six-week yoga program. Students challenged with anxiety issues are on the increase. By lowering their stress levels students can work to increase their self-esteem, feel more comfortable in school and improve their performance in class.
Lucia Infante | Bristol Eastern High School